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While there are a number of different watch brands that use tritium tubes for their illumination technology, there are only a handful of companies that actually produce the glowing radioactive gas-filled tubes themselves. Among these is MB-Microtec, which is a Swiss-based manufacturer that produces tritium tubes for a variety of different watch companies under the brand name Trigalight. With that in mind, MB-Microtec also produces its own watches under another one of its sub-brands called Traser,1:1 replica watches uk was first created in 1989 to fulfill a request from the US Army for a timepiece based upon MIL-W-46374F military specifications. Over the years, Traser has expanded to produce a fairly wide assortment of different watches, and one of the latest additions to the brand’s catalog for 2023 is the Traser P99 T Tactical, which is a large and highly utilitarian timepiece that is crafted entirely from sandblasted titanium.

The Traser P99 T Tactical series follows an overall format that is similar to that of a dive watch, and this same core style can be observed among numerous different Traser models dating all the at back to the brand’s very first watch (the P6500 Type 6) that was produced for the United States Army in 1989. Crafted from titanium with an entirely matte sandblasted finish, the case of the Traser P99 T Tactical measures 46mm in diameter, and it almost has a cross-shaped profile due to the protrusion on the 9 o’clock side that mirrors the shape of the crown guards at 3 o’clock. Measuring from the tip of the crown guards to the edge of the bulge on the back of the case, the overall width of the P99 T Tactical comes in at 49mm, while the thickness of the watch measures 13.7mm from caseback to crystal, which ultimately ends up being closer to 14mm once you include the angled tabs that stick up at the cardinal points on the bezel.

The lug-to-lug measurement of the Traser P99 T Tactical comes in at 54mm, which makes it objectively a rather large wristwatch, although its full-titanium construction helps keep weight to a minimum and ensures that it remains surprisingly manageable on the wrist. A solid screw-down caseback with laser-etched engravings works with a signed screw-down crown at 3 o’clock to help guarantee an ample 200 meters of water resistance, while the dial of the watch is protected by a flat anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Surrounding the crystal is a 60-click bidirectional timing bezel that features an elapsed-time scale with a deep textured design for maximum grip. While the bezel is undeniably incredibly easy to grasp, there is a small amount of play to its action, and since the actual force required to rotate the bezel isn’t especially strong, it would likely benefit from slightly greater tension in order to help minimize any possibilities of it getting moved out of place by coming into contact with a surface or article of clothing.

While Traser watches are best known for their Trigalight tritium gas-filled tubes, the brand does not shy away from also using photoreactive luminescent material, and the Traser P99 T Tactical incorporates a mixture of both into its low-light display. Tritium tubes appear on all three of the hands plus each one of the 12 hour markers, and while the vast majority of the luminescent material on the P99 T Tactical glows green, the tubes placed at the 12 o’clock marker and within the tip of the seconds hand both glow orange in order to help offer superior at-a-glance contrast. Two additional tritium tubes appear within the Traser logo on the upper half of the dial, while another pair of tritium tubes are placed in a crosshair formation inside a sealed capsule set within the zero marker of the bezel. The remaining three cardinal points on the bezel are finished with green-emission Super-LumiNova, and in addition to having a glowing accent ring on its crown,replica watches uk the Traser P99 T Tactical also features a luminous gasket surrounding its crystal.


Centro de cardiologia de antigua es una empresa con 11 años de experiencia en el area de salud, en donde su objetivo principial es la búsqueda de la excelencia en el diagnostico y tratamiento del paciente.

Desde el principio hemos sido consientes que la situación económica de nuestro país no es equitativa por lo que apoyamos a los mas necesitados y a varias instituciones publicas y privadas (ONGs), Esto en el área de consultas, exámenes específicos y ahora también en el laboratorio clínico.

El que no vive para servir, no sirve para vivir. ¨María Teresa de Calcuta¨


Dr. Jose Carlos Flores Estrada

Especialidad en Medicina Interna.

Sub especialidad en Cardiologia Clinica.

Alta Especialidad en Medicina Critica Cardiovascular.

Ex Jefe de Cuidados Intensivos de la Unidad de Cirugia Cardiovascular de Guatemala UNICAR. Fundador Centro de Cardiologia de Antigua GRUPOCARDIO.

Nací en Antigua Guatemala, luego de completar mis tres años de formación en cardiología, continué un año más estudiando medicina cardiovascular crítica terminando mi especialización en marzo de 2008. Desde mi primer día en Guatemala, trabajé en UNICAR durante ocho años en la unidad de cuidados como coordinadora. Mientras trabajaba allí, siempre pensé en la importancia de trabajar y contribuir en mi ciudad natal. Sabía que en Antigua los servicios de cardiología eran importantes.

Considerando lo anterior en junio de 2010 comencé en Antigua Guatemala con mi práctica privada, con una pequeña clínica, farmacia y mi ecocardiograma. Unos años más tarde, la práctica creció y comprendí que necesitaba estar aquí.

Luego agregamos los servicios no invasivos y establecimos el Centro de Cardiología, que ahora incluye personal de medicina interna y nutrición entre otros, que puedes ver en nuestra página web.

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Licda. Ximena Garcia Cruz de Flores

Nutricionista Clínica

Chef profesional

MBA, Administración de Empresas

Flebotomista Certificada

Nutrición Clínica, Universidad Francisco Marroquín 2007. Chef Profesional en Escuela de Alta Cocina Camille, Guatemala.
Nutrición en trasplante cardiopulmonar, Fundación Favaloro Buenos Aires, Argentina 2009. Maestría en Administración de empresas, MBA, en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España 2010-2011. Certificación Nacional de Flebotomía, National Registry of Allied Health Professionals, Houston Tx 2021.

Dr. Herbert Jacobo D.

Especialista en Medicina Interna.

Instructor RCP basico y avanzado certificado por la asocian americana de cardiologia.

Certificacion en Falla Cardiaca, Hospital Clinica Biblica, San Jose Costa Rica.